Stevie - Entertainment Weekly Online (05.01.1998)

EW: You have one song on the boxed set from the 'Buckingham Nicks' album you and Lindsey did as a duo before Fleetwood Mac, which is long out of print and, as I'm sure you know, always the most requested album any time anyone makes a list of the stuff that's never yet come out on CD. Is it you or Lindsey who wants that album not to be reissued?

Nicks: Lindsey. But through the Fleetwood Mac tour he said that he wants it to go on CD now, so we'll see. See, he owns half, I own half. So he can't do anything on that record without me and vice versa. So as soon as he says it's okay, it will be done, because I've been saying I thought it would be a great idea for a long time. The song "Long Distance Winner" I picked (for the boxed set) because it's kind of a strange, Greek, rock & roll song from my past that we could do on stage. And we're gonna do it in the set (on the summer solo tour).

EW: Did they stop being angry about the time they started putting out their own solo albums?

Nicks: You know what? Nobody in Fleetwood Mac has ever really sat down and talked about my solo career much. When I go in with Fleetwood Mac, there is no solo career. It's just not ever talked about with them. And I don't want to get anybody upset, so I don't bring it up.