Review - The News & Observer (05.24.2004)

"Most people know by now that our story has been a difficult and strange one," Buckingham said early on. "But the point is, here we are now."

Indeed, the dynamic between Buckingham and band mate/ex-lover Nicks dominated long stretches of the evening and made for some of its most moving interludes. "Sara" was lovely, with the video screens showing footage of Fleetwood Mac from 25 years ago. "Tusk" was peculiar, as Buckingham and Nicks pretended to box and eventually hugged instead. And "Landslide" was almost too emotional, just Nicks singing and Buckingham playing. As Buckingham picked out the song's solo on an acoustic guitar, Nicks stood behind him with her hands lightly on his shoulders. They clasped hands at the end and he gave her a chaste kiss on the head.