Review - Associated Content (06.16.2005)

The Buckingham Nicks chemistry is still palpable and full of the explosive are they going to kiss or kill each other syndrome. For awhile, the recording process goes along smoothly and everyone is on their best behavior. Stevie has brought some new songs in for the band to listen to and Lindsey, in a departure from his usual critical tone, is quick to offer praise. The day ends successfully with lots of (gulp) hugging! But then again, Nicks did specifically choose to place a spirit catcher in the studio to chase out bad vibes. She may not really be a witch, as often reported, but she probably is psychic because it doesn’t take long for the trouble to begin.

And then, there is the subject matter of the songs themselves. True to Fleetwood Mac form, there are songs about Lindsey written by Stevie and songs about Stevie written by Lindsey. After 30 years, one would think dealing with a long lost love affair would be old hat, but not for these two. When Nicks has some solo face time in front of the camera, she admits that one of her new songs “Thrown Down” is about Lindsey. You get the feeling that writing songs about him is a habit she would like to break. But old habits do die hard and she spends plenty of time gazing wistfully in her old lover’s direction as they work on songs together. Buckingham, though settled with the a decades younger trophy wife and two little children, obviously still carries a torch of his own. He gets teary eyed on one occasion as he tries to express to Nicks how much their working together again means to him and the album’s most poignant love song, “Say Goodbye” is more a love letter than a Dear Jane letter from him to Stevie.

Another volatile issue for the classic rock foursome arises just when we thought they were out of the woods. The songs have been recorded. It’s a single album, but with 18 tracks! Now, who do we get to mix the thing? Of course, Lindsey wants to use his guy and Stevie wants to use her guy. After some bickering (like an old married couple), they compromise by having Stevie work with Lindsey’s guy to see if she will be comfortable with him working on her music. She is, but then she isn’t.