Mick - York Daily Record (06.04.2004)

"You know, we don't really think about it. But upon being asked, that's sort of where we're at," Fleetwood said. "(Nicks and Buckingham) are growing into a situation where they were when they joined Fleetwood Mac, and getting used to performing together. Which is more focused, the energy is all there in the middle of the stage."

No, the Mac still has some issues to deal with. Many of the new Nicks songs on "Say You Will" talk about what could have been but ultimately express a total acceptance with where the members of the band are today. Buckingham unearthed a tune written years ago, "Say Goodbye," and readdressed it with today in mind — he's now married and has three kids.

"If you're looking at time, Lindsey left this band for over 13 years," Fleetwood said. "If you can't get your head together — whether it was him, or Stevie. It was people growing up and having the confidence to realize that they had their own lives and all of those things. And I think the making of this album was yet another step, for Stevie and Lindsey for sure."