Mick - The News & Observer (05.21.2004)

Meanwhile, those interpersonal tensions turned up in "Dreams," "The Chain," "Go Your Own Way," "Silver Springs" and other songs.

Decades later, they still do. On "Destiny Rules," Buckingham talks about how strange it feels to sing with Nicks on her "Say You Will" song "Thrown Down," which he feels is about him: "Maybe now he could prove to her/That he could be good for her/That they should be together."

"I don't think it has the teeth-baring part anymore," Fleetwood says of Buckingham and Nicks' post-breakup relationship. "But in many ways, I perceive it to be a deeper reflection of two people's very separate journeys that can somehow never not be connected. Life goes on. Lindsey's third child is being born, he's gloriously happy, Stevie loves his children. But all these years later, there's still this private world they have, an umbilical creative thing. Making this album and doing nearly two years of roadwork together, it's testimony to what they still have after all the bits and pieces are gone. Some of it is good and a lot of it is bad. But they have a real respect for what they ended with.

"I hope we make another album where they would write and execute songs together," Fleetwood adds. "That would be very cool, because they sing together in a way no one else can. They have this ... whatever it is they have. It's the same sort of thing people think of with the Everly Brothers, a magical vocal sound. They've got that joined-at-the-hip tonality, which they got away from for years. But they're drifting back into it now."