Mick - Discoveries (October 2004)

"It wasn't always easy," Fleetwood says with understatement. "As lousy as some of it was, and I was stuck in the middle of it all, I think it finally is a testimony. The bottom line is that these are people who have been incredibly, deeply in love with each other. And they're not just disgruntled bandmates -- there are bands that are famous for loathing each other, and they have an ethic of how to get through it. We didn't have that: the love-hate, hate-love thing was really that. It was an emotional connection, not a bunch of lads or people who became connected through music and then business. They were connected as people, as lovers, as partners. So it was believable, and when we do walk onstage now with an element of balance and humor, we co-exist pretty damned well. There's so much there that no matter how rough it does get -- and from time to time, it still gets rough -- the reality is that I don't worry about it too much. Lindsey's married with three children, Stevie has her life, and it's a wild scene, but it's tempered where it has been an incredible journey, and as of this moment, that's where I think it'll stay. If for some reason we didn't make another album it wouldn't be because of that."

I know Lindsey at one point pulled me aside and said, 'I don't know if I can do this,' because he was going through a lot of emotional pain, and it was hard to just be there for Stevie as a musical companion. I remember saying, 'You know what, Linds? This whole band isall about compromise. If this is completely not acceptable, that you see nothing here apart from being permanently miserable with no hope, then you should probably shouldn't be doing it. But if you can somehow create some line through this, then we can get through it.' Everyone was very focused. Lindsey's love for the musical process, from my observation, and the window of opportunity -- which was considerable -- that he knew was there, helped him hang in there and do what he felt he'd been sent to do. And that's probably why the band didn't break up. It was in many ways contingent on Lindsey, because he was the one who was suffering. I think Stevie was suffering, but she'd made her decision, and that was to have a disconnect with Lindsey. And he handled it really well, considering the pain he was in."