Mick - Allstar Music Magazine (08.19.1997)

After seeing the band reunite on last week's MTV special, it's quite apparent how different it really is. The once- married Nicks and Buckingham still can't get through "Landslide" with a dry eye, and the emotional intensity that led the band to its peak in the '70s is still there after all these years. "There's probably not going to be many performances where I won't be sitting at the side of the stage watching Stevie and Lindsey sing 'Landslide' without crying, and certainly me and Stevie always sit and watch Chris sing 'Songbird.' That's how we are, we are highly emotional," Fleetwood laughs. 

According to Fleetwood, the reunion came about after Buckingham asked him to play drums on his solo project. Then they brought in John McVie to play bass, then Christine came in to lay down some vocals. Buckingham then co-wrote "Twisted" with Nicks for the Twister soundtrack, which featured Fleetwood on drums. "This truly came about from the inside out," says Fleetwood. "In years gone by, we had outside factions strongly suggesting what a great thing it would be [e.g., the Clinton inaugural performance of "Don't Stop"]. But it wasn't ever in the cards. This came about from the music. From the first day I began working with Lindsey, it was glaringly obvious that something was horribly right."