Lindsey - The Record (April 1982)

Q. What are we going to hear on the new album?

We've got some really well-crafted songs of Christine's; Stevie hasn't really been in the studio that much -- I'd have to go back and listen to her tunes a little bit; I'm not really sure what's there.

There's about four or five of my songs on the album. One of them sounds really commercial to me, sort of a cross between Phil Spector and the Beach Boys. A couple of them are really rocky.

Q. Will Fleetwood Mac hit the road right away?

Actually, Fleetwood Mac is probably not going to do much road work. I think we'll do some touring, but Stevie apparently doesn't want to go on the road. We'll do some touring and probably do a Home Box Office thing.

I wouldn't mind if we didn't go on the road at all, myself. I enjoy playing, but it's not nearly as much of a learning thing, or a growth thing, as staying home and working on new tunes, with the challenge of something new all the time. That's really what keeps me going.