Lindsey - San Francisco Chronicle (11.05.2006)

"On 'Say You Will,' I had the best time I think I ever had with Fleetwood Mac," he says. "I think the reason, as much as we all missed Christine, was there was a space left for me onstage to be a guy. A lot of testosterone going on up there, and I was having a ball. Stevie, on the other hand, I don't know how she felt about it. I think at the end of the day maybe she wasn't too happy with that."

Fleetwood Mac is still very much alive, just sleeping. Nicks recently called and asked Buckingham to come over. Fleetwood was there, too. 

"Mick will usually be in cahoots with whatever is going on with Stevie," Buckingham says. "It's not about anything other than wanting to grease the machinery. They were saying next time we tour, we're going to move the mikes closer together and you're going to look in Stevie's eyes. I didn't say anything. Other than we did this play, I suppose we can do that play, too. 

"A couple of months ago I went over there and she hands me a set list of what we're going to do a year and a half from now. So that's what going on now -- everyone wants to get out there at some point. The question is under what terms, or are there any terms. There seems to be a certain amount of political agendas to sort out. But, you know, whatever."