Lindsey - Music Connection (09.13.1984)

MC: Did you fall in love with it through the Tusk experience?

LB: I had done a lot of that much earlier. I used to play all the instruments myself when I was like 18 or 19; I had a Sony two-track and I used to do sound-on-sound. Then, years after that, when Stevie and I were living together, I had an old professional Ampex four-track that we used to work out all our demos on. In fact, almost all the songs of Stevie’s and mine from the first Fleetwood Mac album we were on [Fleetwood Mac in 1975] were all demoed out, which made it very easy to just throw ‘em on and add the rhythm section and run with it. So, in a sense, it was something I was getting back to and reapplying to what I had learned in the years in-between.