Lindsey - Los Angeles Times (12.10.1992)

While Buckingham moves forward with his career, Fleetwood Mac fans can decide whether to shell out for a newly released boxed set retrospective, "25 Years: The Chain."

His involvement in preparing the collection "was not much at all," Buckingham said. "I helped Richard Dashut produce a new song for Stevie ('Paper Doll,' on which Buckingham plays some guitar). There also were a couple of rare things of mine that had not seen the light of day that I had to put my stamp of approval on."

He said he was glad, though, that work on the boxed set allowed him to spend some time with Mick Fleetwood, the drummer and Fleetwood Mac co-founder whose book two years ago, "Fleetwood: My Life and Adventures in Fleetwood Mac," didn't always paint Buckingham in the most favorable light.

"There's something in it about me slapping Stevie, which never happened," Buckingham said, referring to Fleetwood's account of a final blow-up when Buckingham announced he was quitting the band and wouldn't be touring to support "Tango in the Night." Also, Buckingham said, "there's a lot of hard-line interpretation of things. Mick was understating my contributions, which came from some bitterness he had." Buckingham says the bitterness is resolved now on both sides.

"When I saw him during the course of putting the boxed set together, he was extremely apologetic about the book in general. He realizes now it was hurtful. His personal life is doing OK now, and it was nice to see him. There was a nice sense of closure."