Lindsey - Illinois Entertainer (November 1984)

"There has been pressure on me to go into the studio-you know, like, this week kind of thing," Buckingham says with a slight tone of annoyance. "Everybody looks at me going, 'Well?' There's pressure from the band's lawyer-who is not my lawyer-and from the band. Mick and John basically. Stevie doesn't care. She's in the middle of working on an album, but she could say, 'Sure, I'll do an album now.'

"Her commitment represents maybe three weeks in the studio, recording the basic tracks and then doing her vocals, which is all she ever does anyway. If I were to commit to doing an album right now, you're talking six or seven months, every day, unless I put my commitment to Fleetwood Mac on the same level that Stevie's going to do, which is, 'Find yourself another producer and I'll come in and lay down my parts,' which I just can't imagine myself doing. It would just seem so perfunctory."