Lindsey - Creem Magazine (February 1985)

Lindsey and Stevie --- whose Buckingham Nicks LP bombed in '73, alas --- joined Fleetwood Mac "'cause we were broke, and we were starving, and we needed money, basically."  He attributes the lack of success of their Polydor LP to a strong feeling "the record company was in a strange frame of mind during that time."  One exec told them they might try emulating Jim Stafford's "Spiders And Snakes" single.  Ugh.  "They had no idea what we were doing," LB shook his head.

Lindsey met Stevie while concurrently working in the only band outside the Mac that they'd ever belonged to, called in full the Fritz Raybein Memorial Band (a goof name), letter "Fritz" for brevity's sake.  ("Fritz, where are you now?" Lindsey asks, gazing heavenward...)

"We were in this band in the Bay Area for a number of years in the late '60s before we got romantically involved and moved to L.A.  We knew each other musically before we knew each other in the biblical sense."  While in Fritz, Lindsey's out-of-synch guitar playing abilities gave him the freedom to learn other aspects of music while being true to his own style:  "Being a semi acid-rock sort of band, I could play Chet Atkins and Scotty Moore, but I couldn't do fuzztone guitar solos.  So, I played for about four years.

"Working with Fleetwood Mac, and especially what I in a sense like a director of a movie, 'cause I take the Stevie songs, and the Christine songs, and arrange them into records.  That's the main thing I've always done with Fleetwood Mac, and that transcends everything else --- my guitar playing or singing or songwriting --- that's my main contribution."