Lindsey - Cleveland Plain Dealer (11.21.1997)

"I knew we could still play the music," says Buckingham. "But I wasn't sure about the other stuff. There were a lot of issues to put to rest, issues that I just couldn't deal with in 1987 when I left the band."

"Everything has gone great," says Buckingham. "The album debuted at No. 1 and the tickets are selling out. We're getting along better than ever, too. I went into this thing only willing to commit to the 44 concert dates. But we're having such a great time and playing so well that there's a good possibility we'll do more dates, then maybe even go back and make a new studio album."

Could the Mac be back for good?

"We'll have to wait and see," says Buckingham. "But I care about the people in this band. I enjoy being around then, now more than ever. Fleetwood Mac is a complicated scheme - a careful balancing act. But when we get it right, there's nothing quite like it."