Lindsey - Billboard (05.23.1992)

Buckingham's hobbies as a youth encompassed drums and guitar as well as participation with his siblings in the nationally recognized Santa Clara Swim Club. His pursuit of swimming trophies lapsed after an aunt died and left him a $12,000 inheritance, which he spent on recording equipment. Tinkering with an Ampex four-track tape deck in a back room of his dad's coffee plant, he began developing songs for a Palo Alto band called Fritz, which he joined in 1967. The group's female vocalist was one Stephanie "Stevie" Nicks. Fritz disintegrated after four modest years of Bay area gigs, although its core singing/songwriting duo of Buckingham and Nicks landed the brief Polydor recording deal that produced "Buckingham Nicks."

"A few years ago," says Lindsey, "Stevie and I bought back the rights to the 'Buckingham Nicks' album" - whose assistant engineer was Richard Dashut, still Lindsey's best friend and co-producer. "That record has become one of the most requested albums not yet on CD, and we may put it out around the same time as a Fleetwood Mac boxed set that's planned for Christmas. Incidentally, Stevie and I have agreed to go into the studio in a week or so to contribute some new stuff to the boxed set."