Lindsey - BAM Magazine (11.20.1981)

When I interviewed Stevie [Nicks] not too long ago she told me that you hate writing lyrics, that it’s a real struggle for you. Is that true?

I wouldn’t say I "hate" it. I do usually leave it until the end, but that’s just my orientation. I think usually in terms of rhythms and melodies first. I felt pretty good about the lyrics on my album and I like some of what I’ve written for Fleetwood Mac. Let’s put it this way: lyrics don’t come out of me like they do from Stevie. She just writes all the time. I express myself more through the colors in the music.

What kind of commercial expectations do you have for Law & Order?

I have absolutely no idea, to be real honest. I guess it’ll depend partly on how the single, "Trouble," does on the radio. [It’s currently bulleting up the charts]. Radio has gotten so it doesn’t matter who you are – if they don’t want to play your single, they won’t. That’s something we’ve got to live with. I think "Trouble" is certainly the safest choice on there. Maybe people will buy the album after hearing the single and think it’s a soft, MOR album. [Laughs] There’ll be a few surprised people!

I know it’s not going to enter the album charts at Number Twelve like Stevie’s album did. But there really isn’t much I can do at this point. I can’t let it get to me. Obviously, I want it to do well, but if for some reason it doesn’t, I’ll still feel pretty good about it. For the undertaking it was, having all the responsibility myself, I think I did okay.