Lindsey & Stevie - The Mark & Brian Show (08.15.1997)

MB: Its got to be, its got to be hard. As the world watches you live your life. And Lindsey, you -in fact, you speak about it. Let me give you the quote here. "We lived through such a musical soap opera, just the fact that we had survived gave us something in common.

LB: ::sounds somewhat surprised:: I think so. It took a little distance, I mean, for me at least. To be able to acknowledge that. I mean, to be able to look over at Stevie now and just, you know -

SN: Like her.

LB: Like her.


LB: Exactly. To want to do - you know. Exactly. There was a time where you didn't want to do what you had to do for somebody. And the challenge was to rise above that.

Andrea: My co-workers are laughing at me. But I just wanted to ask you guys about the Buckingham Nicks album. Is that available on CD? It seems real hard to find.

LB: Uh, well we, uh. . were just talking about that. That's something that we - that was on Polydor at the time, and we own that now, don't we?

SN: We totally own it. They dropped us.

MB: Hey, that's a good feeling.

LB: Just need to organize that.

MB: Ownership is really good.

LB: Yeah, so I would think sometime soon.

SN: Polydor dropped us like a hot potato. So we own that record. So. . .

MB: Lindsey has a bunch of them in his trunk, if you want to stop by.

SN: Well I usually, you know. I make a real simple demo. Which kind of has the feeling that I would to have in it. And then I pretty much, you know, give it away. And say 'fix it, make it better, make it do - ' because I can only - you know. My whole thing is so simple that I'm, I'm not able to think in those terms. Of - of really arrangement. I'm not good at that, you know. So that's not something I even want to do.

MB: Now Lindsey, do you like - of course you write your own stuff and are able to do with it what you want. But do you like receiving that tape from say Stevie, and then doing with it whatever you feel, and hear, and


LB: Well, sure. Uh, it's a - again, you know. That's probably a forte. And um, it's actually easier to do for someone else than for yourself. Cause you don't really have the objectivity for yourself.

SN: When you've been friends as long as we have, even with all the problems and the heartaches that we have, we have still been dear friends. Since Lindsey and I have been friends since 1968, you now. So that goes. .He's one of the only people, besides my mom and my dad >hehe< that have been there in the beginning before we were famous. And I am sure I am that to him too. We knew each other, and what kind of people we were before Fleetwood Mac ever happened. So we can kind of go back before that. And remember when it wasn't - didn't exist. So that's something that you can never change. No matter how many fights Fleetwood Mac has, or how many times we go back together and break up. When it comes right down to it, if any one of us were ill, or anything went wrong, the other 4 would be there in a second. And I really believe that in my heart. And that's the most special thing about this.

LB:  All I can think of is ::intro to Never Going Back Again::

SN: Do it.

LB: ::plays part at beginning of chorus:: Do you want to sing it?

SN: No, because I don't know it.

MB: >laughing<

LB: ::plays randomly::

SN: But this is a timely song, Never Going Back Again. You lie.