Lindsey - Houston Chronicle (08.11.1997)

Although Buckingham and Nicks embrace after the tender Landslide, for The Chain she still sings accusingly toward her former lover.

"Yeah, I guess that's part of the drama of the group,'' Buckingham said. "But I think she feels more comfortable about singing toward me now than when there really was something to accuse me about.''

Before, the band's life "was an exercise in denial. You had to cram all the unpleasant things into a little corner of your psyche and get on with it. Now we have the comfort of being able to acknowledge those things on a more open level, while the bad feelings aren't really there.''

As Buckingham reveals in on-stage confessionals, much change and growth has occurred, without which a reunion couldn't have happened.

"In the 10 years I was gone, I got rid of whatever baggage I had and worked on reinventing myself," he said. "Then you've got Stevie and Mick approaching their lives differently. These are people I recognize again - people I didn't know when I left, but who have their act together now."

""I guess we're all striving slowly to become adults,'' he said with a wry laugh.