Fleetwood Mac - Q Magazine (January 2004)

Buckingham is married now, with two young children, but throughout the night he and Nicks act out past dramas: flirting, play-fighting, and singing the most intimate of duets on the new song Say Goodbye, which he prefaces by saying, "There is little gain without loss: little redemption without forgiveness." "You could truly have heard a pin drop during that song," Nicks says after the show. 

Nicks's Landslide, however, demands restraint. She dedicates the song to the audience but later reveals, "1 wrote it for Lindsey - for him, about him. It's dear to both of us because it's about us. We're out there singing about our lives."

And, having acted as the band's chief arbitrator and peacemaker for 36 years, [Mick] is well placed to spot potential rifts, "If there was any area where it would collapse, it would be between Stevie and Lindsey - that they weren't happy doing this for whatever reason. This has been a learning curve for them." Thirty minutes after the show's end, Buckingham and Nicks are seated on a sofa in a backstage room lit by candles. She cross-legged, relaxed and smiling - describes the performance as "wonderful". He, with a clipped laugh, calls it "therapy". Christine McVie's absence has, Nicks claims, "made the whole dynamic of the show different," and brought her and Buckingham closer together. He agrees: "There's more 'psychic space‘. We can face off and really connect." They might as well be sitting on a psychiatrist's couch. "We're able to be warm and loving and friendly and fun," she says. "There's a sweetness to it. Lindsey and I are really enjoying it." She casts a sideways glance. "Aren't we?" "Yes," he reassures her. "We are."