Lindsey - Sunday Mail (02.08.2004)

Buckingham, whose history with Mac singer Stevie Nicks extends back to a late-60s San Francisco acid-rock band called Fritz and a romantic involvement in the 70s, cites Gypsy, from the album Mirage, as the best song he produced for her.

"I think it's the best thing we ever did together as a team.

"Obviously I'm going to favour guitar songs in any list that I come up with. I especially like Never Going Back Again (from Rumours) with its sentiment of moving forward, of having been hurt but being resilient. Again, there's an irony there. 

"Everytime you're in a happy state, you kind of have the illusion that you're never going to be hurt again.

"I'd probably have to name Go Your Own Way. It's something that I'm proud of, something that fell together properly.

"It's so hard picking out the best of Stevie's songs. I love a tune we're doing now from Tusk called Beautiful Child, written by Stevie.