Lindsey - Rolling Stone (04.25.2003)

What's the first song you wrote?

I started writing late. I met Stevie when I was sixteen. She was already writing songs and considered herself to be a young poetess. I was more a player. I didn't think of myself as an artist, more as someone who had guitar playing as a hobby and would go on to do something more sane and respectable. I don't think I even wrote a song until I was twenty-one. The first song I wrote, I think, was called "Butterfly," and it was in the vein of something off [James Taylor's] Sweet Baby James.

The new album ends with two farewells: your "Say Goodbye" and Stevie's "Goodbye Baby." Are we to gather this is Fleetwood Mac's swan song?

I hope not. There have been times when I have had my doubts. Near the end of the recording there were arguments, and it got a little tense. We had been looking at this as a long-term plan -- touring a lot and doing another record - and maybe it looked like that wasn't going to happen. If I had to guess, I would say that we will do another album.