Review - (05.10.2004)

At least two were wildly out of tune, which brought Saturday's virtually sold-out show sputtering to a halt a couple of times during the three-hour show. And, oddly enough, the mishaps only made the members of Fleetwood Mac even more down to earth and likable, as Buckingham did push-ups and sit-ups on the stage while waiting. Vocalist Stevie Nicks (or "Stephanie Nicks," as band co-founder/drummer Mick Fleetwood said) chatted with the audience, recalling that such glitches were nothing new.

"Many times in 1968, we would go on stages where nothing worked," Nicks told the audience. "And look where we are today."

Nicks and Buckingham, who are ex-lovers, show each other more affection onstage than most husband-and-wife musical duos, with hugs, hand-holding and smiles aplenty.

You got the sense that the band was as happy to be standing next to each other as the audience was to be sitting in front of them.