Stevie - The Yorkshire Post (06.30.2015)

And what of Lindsey? Who was her then boyfriend in 1975 when he insisted to Mick Fleetwood “If I join your band, my girlfriend must join as well,” the masterstroke that resulted in this seminal rock band.

“I live just 10 minutes from Lindsey now. It is what it is between Lindsey and I – a love affair, not reciprocated as it once was of course – but yes it still happens for us whenever we meet. It still feels a little like the undying love affair, although he’s now a family man of course. He has three teenage kids.

“We talk on the phone, but we don’t hang out like I do especially with Mick and his family who are exactly like ‘Meet The Fockers’ except it’s ‘Meet The Fleetwoods’. I always go to his and we watch the Grammys together or The Oscars. I was sure we would always get back together every few years to play these amazing songs again.”