Stevie - New York Times (02.04.2014)

You just finished a tour with Fleetwood Mac, a band with a tumultuous personal history. How do you all get along now?

Mick Fleetwood and I are best friends. We were mad at each other for six months or a year after we broke up, and then were able to return to who we were before. My relationship with Lindsey Buckingham is never going to be that. When it’s all said and done and I’m 90 years old, maybe I’ll be able to figure that relationship out. John McVie I adore. I look after him as much as I can [Mr. McVie was given a diagnosis of cancer in October] and make sure he puts ice on his back.

You say in the documentary film about the making of In Your Dreams that recording “Soldier’s Angel” with Lindsey Buckingham marked a new beginning for the two of you. How so?

Because he was able to come to my house and walk into the world of Dave Stewart and Stevie Nicks, which is not the world of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. When he walked in the door he was surrounded by cashmere and hugs.

The American Horror Story episode was called “The Magical World of Stevie Nicks.” Have magical things happened to you?

I believe that that first record going to No. 1 and making Lindsey and I millionaires at the end of the summer when I was a waitress at the beginning of the year was magical.

Is it true what you wrote in “Landslide,” that “time makes you bolder”?

I wrote “Landslide” in 1973, when I was 27, and I did already feel old in a lot of ways. I’d been working as a waitress and a cleaning lady for years. I was tired.