Stevie - CBS News (09.28.2014)

Blackstone: When you’re up there now, does it seem like 40 years since the five of you all started?

Nicks: No. It really doesn’t. I can remember going to dinner with them. They called us. Mick called Lindsey and I on New Year’s Eve 1974 and asked us if we would have dinner with them at a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles and alluded to the fact that he was interested in Lindsey and I joining Fleetwood Mac.

Now, we really didn’t know much about Fleetwood Mac. But we did know that they were fairly well-known in Europe. So we went, like, two days later and had dinner with them. And in that 24 hours ran to Tower Records and bought every record that they had ever done and listened to all, back to front, all their records. They [had] a mystical quality with “Bermuda Triangle” and the Bob Welch things.

And I said to Lindsey, “You can totally fit into any one of those guitar players’ world if you want, if you so choose. And it’s a great band. What more could we ask for? And, if we get in the band and we don’t like it, we save some money, I put it away, and we can quit. What’s not to love about this?”

So we went to dinner with them, had a raucously great time, just laughed ourselves silly for three hours and went home. And I said, “We need to join this band.” And he said, “Okay.” And that was it.