Lindsey & Stevie - Oakland Press (06.10.2013)

[Lindsey] “It’s kind of a lovefest between Stevie and me out there, too, which is very sweet, so I’m having a great time out there, and we’re just killing it as far as I’m concerned.”

Then, just before the group started tour rehearsals in February, Buckingham says, “the idea of having these new songs came to light again. I brought the idea up to Stevie, and she wanted to bring in this one song that she had.”

That turned out to be “Without You,” which Nicks describes as “an old Buckingham Nicks song that, really, we can’t figure out why it didn’t go on the (‘Buckingham Nicks’) record because we have the most amazing demo of it.

“I was considering it for ‘In Your Dreams,’ but I thought, ‘This needs to wait for whenever the next Buckingham Nicks record comes out’ or something like that.’