Lindsey - (05.26.2013)

There are also plans to release a 40th anniversary version of Buckingham Nicks, the 1973 album Stevie and Lindsey made before joining Fleetwood Mac. Indeed, the ghosts of their past love affair play out warmly in the new show, during a soft embrace in Sara, and touching fingertips in Landslide.

The audience is still enchanted by Stevie and Lindsey's long faded romance.

"By the time we got to Rumours," Buckingham says, "Stevie had both feet out the door. She left me. It was difficult to be the guy who had to go back to the studio, produce her songs, and make the choice to do the right thing for her professionally, even though it was painful to be around her personally. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It's sweet that Stevie and I are somehow acknowledging that from a distance. I think people are quite intrigued by that, as we are too."

Today, Buckingham is happily married with three children. Nicks is still single.

"The thing about my dynamic with Stevie become more the professional side of it," Buckingham says. "Not to say we don't feel a great deal for each other, because it does play out in a very authentic way. But we are playing roles."