THE CHAIN  (dollfins1)  (joe morgue)  (Dave Temkin)  (MattsVideos14)


YOU MAKE LOVIN' FUN  (dollfins1)  (boston steve)  [short clip] (MattsVideos14)


DREAMS  (dollfins1)  (Allen H)  (billebee221962)  (xDrawnToBlack)  (Laurie S)  (MattsVideos14)


SECOND HAND NEWS  (dollfins1)  (robmags)  (Dave Temkin)


RHIANNON  (dollfins1)  (fbhtwhatsername)  (Allen H)  (Toni Buckley)  (Dave Temkin)  (MattsVideos14)


EVERYWHERE  (boston steve)  (ellellew)  (shammond89)  (MattsVideos14)


I KNOW I'M NOT WRONG  (tsfmnlb)


TUSK  (dollfins1)  (ellellew)  (Dave Temkin)  [short clip] (shammond89)  [no date for concert given] (Don Dunbar)


SISTERS OF THE MOON  (MattsVideos14)


SAY YOU LOVE ME  (dollfins1)  (Dave Temkin)  [clip is undated] (Don Dunbar)


SEVEN WONDERS  (dollfins1)  [short clip] (daretheghost)  (CayFont)  (MattsVideos14)


BIG LOVE  (dollfins1)  [intro] (ellellew)  (Laurie S)  (MattsVideos14)


LANDSLIDE  (xDrawnToBlack)  (boston steve)  (Amas Veritas)  (Toni Buckley)  (dollfins)  (joe morgue)  (Gary Bleetstein)  (MattsVideos14)


NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN  [short clip] (Neal Meltzer)  (joe morgue)


OVER MY HEAD  (Toni Buckley)  (dollfins1)  (MattsVideos14)


GYPSY  (xDrawnToBlack)  (dollfins1)  (joe morgue)  (DJ RiveRRhythm)  (Laurie S)  (shammond89)  (MattsVideos14)


LITTLE LIES  (smpics)  [short clips] (daretheghost)  (Laurie S)  (MattsVideos14)


GOLD DUST WOMAN  [short clip] (Neal Meltzer)  (Toni Buckley)  (tsfmnlb)  (joe morgue)  (DJ RiveRRhythm)  (dollfins1)  [short clip] (MattsVideos14)


I'M SO AFRAID  (tsfmnlb)


GO YOUR OWN WAY  (Allen H)  (dollfins1)  (smpics)  (Jadeen Hapeman)  (boston steve)  (DJ RiveRRhythm)  (Gary Bleetstein)  (MattsVideos14)


ENCORE WALK ON  (ellellew)


WORLD TURNING  [short clip] (Neal Meltzer)  (dollfins1)  [short clip] (tsfmnlb)  [partial] (MattsVideos14)


BAND INTROS  (MattsVideos14)


DON'T STOP  (Dave Temkin)  (Allen H)  (Toni Buckley)  (MattsVideos14)  (Michael Payne)


SILVER SPRINGS  (dollfin1)  (Amas Veritas)  (robmags)  (MattsVideos14)


SONGBIRD  (dollfins1)


SONGBIRD / FINAL BOWS  (ellellew)  (MattsVideos14)


GOODBYE  (jblksmith1)