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Lindsey on Jimmy Kimmel, 2006


Lindsey on Conan O'Brien, 2007

Lindsey on Ellen, 2007

Lindsey performs at Fashion Rocks, 2007


Lindsey does A&E Sessions, 2008

Stevie performs at The Grammy Awards, 2010


Lindsey on Jimmy Fallon, 2011

Lindsey plays Seeds We Sow, 2011

Stevie on Good Morning America, 2011

Stevie on X Factor (AU), 2011


Stevie on Ellen, 2011

Stevie on America's Got Talent, 2011

Stevie on The Talk, 2011

Stevie sings with Javier Colon on The Voice, 2011

Stevie appears on American Idol S11E23, 2012

Stevie at Listen to Me: Buddy Holly, 2012

Lindsey performs at The Grammys, 2014


Stevie performs at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, 2014


Stevie performs at The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon, 2014

Also performed Edge of Seventeen.

Also performed Lady.