Just call them "Fritz".

Four guys and a gal that will headline the summer - ending youth dance in Sutter Creek Auditorium next Wednesday (Aug.27).

Their full name is "Fritz Rabyne", and they're rated amongst the top of the Bay Area's exciting youth rock quintets. They'll play from 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. that night.

Tickets will be $1.50 and youths must possess or buy membership cards (at $1.00) to gain admission.

Sponsoring the dance is the organizing Adults for Youth, Assn. It plans to sponser monthly dances during the school term, too.

At last night's meeting, AYA organizers were scheduled to discuss the dance program, and establishing a move program for pre-teens.

Thanta flipths over Frithz

Cubberley Catamount. 12/08/1967.

Jolly Santa, popcorn strings, decorated trees and a hope for peace on earth are the elements of an old fashioned Christmas, which is the theme for Cubberley's Christmas formal, "The Fritz Rabyne Memorial Dance", to be held next Friday, December 15, in the cafetorium from 9 p.m.  to 12.

An old fashioned Christmas  tree, with popcorn strings and other decorations parents will remember, will add to the festive mood of the decorated cafeteria, while students await the surprise visit from Santa Claus. Cubberley's own Santa, Mr. Jim Thomas, retired custodian, returns each year to visit and distribute candy canes at the dance.

Music will be provided by "The Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band," after whom the dance was named. Coming highly recommended, it was chosen by the Activities Board and the Student Body Commissioners.

Tickets are now on sale at the Auditor's office for $3.50 with a SBC and $5.00 without.

Fritz Does It Up Right

The Newspaper, Cañada College. 04/18/1969.

by Jim Keefe

Last Thursday, Cañada's College Hour presented "Fritz", possibly one of the best, if not the best, bands that has appeared on campus this year.

"Fritz", formerly the "Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band," is not a new band to the Pensiula music scene. They have appeared on a number of occasions at the Santa Clara Fair Grounds, performing in concert with such noted groups as Steve Miller and Deep Purple and appearing with Iron Butterfly at the Expo-69 Teenage Fair, also held at the fair grounds. Recently they appeared on the Ross McGowan Television Show.

"Fritz" started out as a joke, just something to do. They managed to play a couple of places in high school, mainly at their own school, Menlo-Atherton High. The band originally contained Javier, Bob and Lindsey, but with the addition of Brian and Stevie to the group, they really started to play seriously. For the last year and a half the group has played continuously and sees no reason in the future for them to break up.

The group plays quite a variety of music, mainly rock with no definite style. They play all types of rock, including country, folk rock and hard rock. In talking with Bob he said "when we play we just want everyone to have a good time." He said that some of their material is original, and by the way - it's very good. He said the band enjoyed playing for the people at Cañada and hopes they will be able to play at Cañada again this semester, so make sure that everyone comes.

If anyone wants to see "Fritz" play, they will be appearing with the Youngbloods, Country Weather and Stained Glass at a Rock Concert this Friday night at Aragon High School. Good luck, through hard work and innate talent, seems to be pointing "Fritz" towards a profitable and exciting future.