THE CHAIN  [assumed, no date/location given] (jack wright)  (mark nicholl)  (Niamh Traynor)  (Bits and Pieces)


DREAMS  (Niamh Traynor)


RHIANNON  (Niamh Traynor)


EVERYWHERE  (Niamh Traynor)  (Michelle van der Heide)


LINDSEY SPEAKS  (rickinblack)


LINDSEY SPEAKS  (rickinblack)


BIG LOVE  (Stephen Murphy)  (Mike F)


LANDSLIDE  (Mark McGranaghan)  (Niamh Traynor)


GYPSY  (Bryan Michael)  (Niamh Traynor) (Richard Finlay)


LITTLE LIES  (Niamh Traynor)  (Michelle van der Heide)


GO YOUR OWN WAY  [partial] (DrArcadiusHD)  (Niamh Traynor)  (buckalec Keady)  (colly doyle)


WORLD TURNING  [short clip] (ArtistIreland)


DON'T STOP  (buckalec Keady)


SILVER SPRINGS  [partial] (Jay Keogh)


SONGBIRD  (Michelle van der Heide)


COMPILATION  [6mins] (Richard Finlay)