Tusk Documentary
(released on VHS, 1980)

Fleetwood Mac at 21
(first aired in 1988)

The Other Side of the Mirror (1989)


VH1's One To One: Lindsey Buckingham
(aired in 1992)

Going Home
(first aired 30th August, 1993)

Rock Family Trees: The Fleetwood Mac Story
(first aired 24th June, 1995)

Classic Albums: Rumours
(first aired 22nd July 1997)

Behind the Music: Fleetwood Mac
(first aired 7th September, 1997; 'Remastered' 4th December, 2010)




(Remastered, 2010)

Behind the Music: Stevie Nicks
(first aired 1st November, 1998)

Behind the Music: Lindsey Buckingham
(first aired 11th November, 2001)

Music Choice
(aired in 2002)

Much More Music
(aired in 2003)

VH1 All Access
(first aired 16th June, 2003)

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Download Part 2

Destiny Rules
(first aired 14th March,  2004)

Fleetwood Mac Biography
(first aired 12th July 2009, Biography Channel)

Fleetwood Mac: Don't Stop
(first aired 1st November, 2009)

uncropped, but incomplete

Video Killed the Radio Star: Fleetwood Mac
(aired on Sky Arts, 2012)

Oprah's Master Class: Stevie Nicks
(first aired 24th March 2013)

Discovering Fleetwood Mac
(aired on Sky Arts 1, 2014)