Press Clippings

Fritz + Buckingham Nicks

  • 1960s - 1970s

    1967, 8th December: The Cubberley Catamount // Promotion for Fritz gig [PDF] [in context]
    1968, August: Unknown // Promotion for Fritz gig [PDF]
    1969, 18th April: The Newspaper, Cañada College // 'Fritz Does It Up Right' [PDF]

    1972 - 1973: Billboard // Assorted mentions of Buckingham Nicks [PDF]
    1973, 19th October: Northridge Daily Sundial // Review of BN gig [PDF]
    1975, 27th January: The Chanticleer // Promotional article for BN gig [PDF]
    1975, 29th January: The Alabamian // Advertisement for BN gig [PDF]
    1975, 3rd February: The Chanticleer // Review of BN gig [PDF]
    1975, February: Birmingham After Dark // Interview with Stevie & Lindsey [PDF]
    1977, 26th February: Rock Magazine (?) // Review of 'Buckingham Nicks re-release [PDF]
    1977: Sounds // Full-page advert for 'Buckingham Nicks' re-release [PDF]
    1978: Unknown // Interview with Walter Egan [PDF]

  • 2010s

    2010, May: Uncut Magazine // BN in '50 Greatest Lost Albums' entry [PDF]
    2013, 22nd February: Entertainment Weekly // Review of 'Sound City' (partial) [PDF]


Fleetwood Mac

  • 1970s

    Unknown: Unknown // Captioned picture of Stevie with Mick's daughter [PDF]

    1975: Unknown // 'Fleetwood Mac' full page advert [PDF]
    1975, 25th September: Rolling Stone // 'A Realignment and Two New Parts' [PDF]
    1976, April: Unknown // Full-page advert for Fleetwood Mac [PDF]
    1976, 12th June: Melody Maker // Interview with FM [PDF]
    1976, August: NME // Fleetwood Mac's 'Bad B-Movie' Wins An Oscar [PDF]

    1977: Super Teen Yearbook // Interview with Fleetwood Mac [PDF]
    1977: Circus Magazine // Overview of pre-1975 years [PDF]
    1977: Circus Magazine // Two-page picture of the band [PDF]
    1977: Unknown // 'Super Hot Groups' mention & picture [PDF]
    1977: Unknown // Blurb about the band and Rumours [PDF]
    1977: Unknown // Article and band quotes about FM and Rumours [PDF]
    1977, 12th February: New Musical Express // Review of 'Rumours' [PDF]
    1977, 12th February: Sounds // Review of 'Rumours' [PDF]
    1977, 24th March: Rolling Stone // Profile of and interview with Fleetwood Mac [PDF]
    1977, 31st March: Circus Magazine // Interview with Chris & Lindsey [PDF, partial] [Article]
    1977, April: Melody Maker // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    1977, April: Phonograph Record // Review of 'Rumours' [PDF]
    1977, 9th April: Unknown // Advert for back catalogue [PDF]
    1977, 14th April: Circus Magazine // Interview with FM [PDF]
    1977, 21st April: Rolling Stone // Review of 'Rumours' [PDF]
    1977, 30th April: Billboard // Picture with caption re. silver disk presentations [PDF]
    1977, 20th May: The Colorado Daily // Picture with blurb re. FM gig [PDF]
    1977, 6th June: People Magazine // Interview with FM [PDF]
    1977, 18th June: Billboard // Top 100, Dreams is #1 [PDF]
    1977, 25th June: Billboard // Back page advert [PDF]
    1977, July: Creem Magazine // Interview with Fleetwood Mac [PDF]
    1977, December: Playboy Magazine // Picture of FM with caption [PDF]
    1978: Unknown // Brief history of FM [PDF]
    1978: 12th January: Rolling Stone // Cover & Interview with Mick [PDF]
    1978, 4th February: Record Mirror // Interview with Mick Fleetwood [PDF]
    1978, 22nd June: Unknown // 30 Top Secrets Facts About Fleetwood Mac [PDF]
    1978, August: Hit Parader // Reviews of Fleetwood Mac/Rumours [PDF]
    1978, 5th October: Rolling Stone // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    1978, 8th December: W3 Public Relations // 'Fleetwood Mac update' [PDF]

    1979: New York Times // Review of 'Tusk' [PDF]
    1979: Unknown, Dutch // Photo with caption [PDF]
    1979: Unknown, Dutch // Photo with caption [PDF]
    1979: Various // Short reviews of 'Tusk', album and single [PDF]
    1979: Warner Brothers // Posters of Fleetwood Mac [PDF]
    1979: Warner Brothers // Promotional photograph of FM [PDF]
    1979: Warner Brothers // Press release and quotes re. 'Tusk' [PDF]
    1979, 31st April: W3 Public Relations // 'Single to Precede LP Release' [PDF]
    1979, October: W3 Public Relations // 'The Making of Tusk' [PDF]
    1979, October: Unknown // Article about the leak of 'Tusk' [PDF]
    1979, October: Warner Brothers Records // 'Media Information' [PDF]
    1979, 14th October: Los Angeles Times // Review of 'Tusk' [PDF]
    1979, 20th October: Record Mirror // Review of 'Tusk' [PDF]
    1979, 20th October: Sounds // Review of 'Tusk' [PDF]
    1979, 27th October: Billboard // Review of 'Tusk' [PDF] [Alternate PDF]
    1979, 29th October: TIME // Review of 'Tusk' [PDF]
    1979, 30th October: US Magazine // Interview with Mick [PDF]
    1979, November: Unicorn Times // Review of 'Tusk' [PDF]
    1979, 26th November: People Magazine // Interview with FM [PDF]
    1979, 2nd December: Los Angeles Times // Interview with FM [PDF]
    1979, 6th December: Scene // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    1979, 17th December: Oakland Tribune // Review of FM gig [PDF]

  • 1980s

    1980: Billboard // Review of 'Live' [PDF]
    1980: Unknown // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    1980, January: High Fidelity // Review of 'Tusk' [PDF]
    1980, 11th January: W3 Public Relations // 'Fleetwood Mac World Tour Continues' [PDF]
    1980, February: W3 Public Relations // 'Fleetwood Mac on the Road Again' [PDF]
    1980, 7th February: Rolling Stone // Cover & Fleetwood Mac interview [PDF]
    1980, 23rd February: Sounds // Announcement of tour dates [PDF]
    1980, April: Trouser Press // Interview with Fleetwood Mac [PDF]
    1980, 14th June: Record Mirror // Picture of Fleetwood Mac [PDF]
    1980, 21st June: Record Mirror // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    1980, 28th June: Sounds // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    1980, 5th July: Billboard // Picture and caption re. Tusk award [PDF]
    1980, 24th August: Billboard // Tusk tour dates [PDF]
    1980, 2nd September: Los Angeles Herald Examiner // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    1980, 2nd September: Los Angeles Times // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    1980, 30th October: Rolling Stone // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    1980, 6th December: Record Mirror // Review of 'Live' [PDF]
    1980, 13th December: Billboard // Back page advert for 'Live' [PDF]
    1980, 20th December: Billboard // Thank you from Fleetwood Mac [PDF]

    1981, April: Hit Parader // Interview with Fleetwood Mac [PDF]
    1982: Unknown // Advertisement for 'Mirage on HBO' [PDF]
    1982, 11th September: Billboard // Picture and caption re. plaque for 'Mirage' [PDF]
    1983: Sunday Times // 'Relative Values' with Mick & Susan Fleetwood [PDF]
    1983, February: CREEM // Interview with Fleetwood Mac [PDF]
    1983, 14th May: Sounds // Advert for FM/Stevie Nicks videos in W.H. Smith [PDF
    1984, 30th April: People Magazine // Interview with Christine McVie [PDF]
    1987: Unknown // Advertisements for 'Tango in the Night' [PDF]
    1987: Unknown // Advertisement for 'Big Love'  [PDF]
    1987, July: Q Magazine // Interview with FM [PDF]
    1987, September: CREEM // Interview with FM & Review of TITN [PDF]
    1987, 3rd November: Smash Hits // Lyrics for 'Little Lies' [PDF]
    1989, January: Q Magazine // Review of 'Greatest Hits' [PDF]
    1989, January: Music Connection // Interview with Stevie & Christine [PDF]

  • 1990s

    1990, May: Q Magazine // Interview with Mick [PDF]
    1990, 5th May: NME // Fleetwood Mac Discography [PDF]
    1990, 10th July: The Star // Quotes and article about Mick's book [PDF]
    1990 October: Vox // Review of Mick Fleetwood's book [PDF]
    1993, July: Record Collector // Peter Green feature article [PDF]
    1993, August: Record Collector // Peter Green feature article [PDF]
    1994, January: Q Magazine // Photo and caption of new line-up [PDF]
    1995: Radio Times // 'Rock Family Trees' article [PDF]
    1996, Winter: Classic Rock // 'The Story Behind the Album: Rumours' [PDF]
    1996, 2nd February: Unknown // Blurb about 'Rumours' [PDF]
    1997: Unknown // 'Dateline' covering important dates for FM [PDF]
    1997: Unknown // Commentary on The Dance tour [PDF]
    1997, May: Q Magazine // Memories of 'Rumours' [PDF]
    1997, August: Q Magazine // Interview with Peter Green [PDF]
    1997, September: MOJO Magazine // Interview with FM [PDF]
    1997, September: Newsday // Review of FM gig [PDF] [scanned by Alicia Bailey]
    1997, 1st October: Newsday // Review of FM gig [PDF] [scanned by Alicia Bailey]
    1997, 10th October: Rolling Stone // Interview with FM [PDF]
    1997, 7th November: The Nashville Banner // Review of FM gig [PDF] [scanned by Alicia Bailey]
    1997, 21st November: Goldmine // Interview with FM [PDF]
    1998: Newsday // Review of Hall of Fame Induction ceremony [PDF] [scanned by Alicia Bailey]

    Unknown: Unknown // Lindsey comments on an Herbie Worthington photo [PDF]
    Unknown: Unknown // Picture and caption re. Tusk era [PDF]
    Unknown: Unknown // Picture and caption re. Hall of Fame induction [PDF]
    Unknown: Blender // 'Greatest Songs About LA', #10 Gold Dust Woman [PDF]

  • 2000s

    Say You Will: Tour Programme [PDF]

    2002, February: Blender // 'Every Original CD Reviewed' [PDF]
    2002: Unknown // Review of 'The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac' [PDF]
    2003, 25th March: Rolling Stone // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    2003, May: Performing Songwriter // Interview with Stevie & Lindsey [PDF]
    2003, May: Classic Rock // Full-page advert for 'Say You Will' [PDF]
    2003, 1st May: Rolling Stone // Review of 'Say You Will' [PDF]
    2003, 26th May: New York Newsday // Review of FM gig [PDF] [scanned by Alicia Bailey]
    2003, June: Classic Rock // Interview with Fleetwood Mac [PDF]
    2003, November: Rolling Stone // 'Fleetwood Mac' #181 in '500 Greatest Albums' [PDF]
    2003, December: MOJO Magazine // Interview with FM [PDF]
    2004: Unknown // Reviews of expanded reissues [PDF]
    2004, March: Uncut // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    2004, April: Classic Rock // Reviews of expanded reissues [PDF]
    2004, April: Record Collector // Full-page advert for expanded reissues [PDF]
    2004, August: MOJO Magazine // Interview with Christine McVie [PDF]
    2004, August: Classic Rock // Article by Christine McVie [PDF]
    2004, October: MOJO Magazine // Full-page advert for 'Live in Boston' [PDF]

    2006, April: Classic Rock // Overview of Rumours, which makes a list at #41 [PDF]
    2007, May: Spin / Full-page picture from US Fest, 1982 [PDF]
    2008, December: Uncut // Interview with Mick & Lindsey [PDF]
    2009: Turn On Tune In Drop Out // Fleetwood Mac timeline [PDF]
    2009, 2nd April: Rolling Stone // Interview with FM [PDF]
    2009, June: Q Magazine // Interview with FM [PDF]
    2009, 17th October: Daily Telegraph // Preview of Manchester gig [PDF]
    2009, November: Q Magazine // Review of re-issued 'The Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac' [PDF]

  • 2010s

    2010, 25-26th September: The Weekend // Interview with Rumours tour promoter [PDF]
    2011, August: MOJO Magazine // How To Buy Fleetwood Mac [PDF]
    2011, 13th August: Billboard // PACE Touring's involvement in 'The Dance' [PDF]
    2012, 6th December: Vancouver Sun // 'Fleetwood Mac tour not just rumours' [PDF]
    2013, January: MOJO Magazine // Interview with FM [PDF]
    2013, 26th January: New Zealand Weekend Herald // Interview with Mick [PDF]
    2013, 26th January: The Scotsman // Article about reissues, focusing on Rumours [PDF]
    2013, February: Rolling Stone (France) // Interview with FM [PDF]
    2013, 8th February: Daily Express // Interview with FM [PDF]
    2013, 28th February: Rolling Stone // Review of 'Rumours' (Deluxe) [PDF]
    2013, March: Hi-Fi Choice // Review of 'Rumours' (Deluxe) [PDF]
    2013, March: Uncut Magazine // Review of 'Rumours' (Deluxe) and Q&A with Mick [PDF]
    2013, March: Rolling Stone (Mexico) // Interview with FM [PDF]
    2013, March: Rolling Stone (Spain) // Interview with FM [PDF]
    2013, March: MOJO Magazine // Advert for 'Rumours' (Deluxe) [PDF]
    2013, March: MOJO Magazine // Review of 'Rumours' (Deluxe) [PDF]
    2013, April: Classic Rock Magazine // Interview with Mick Fleetwood [PDF]
    2013, 4th April: Metro // Interview with Mick & Christine [PDF]
    2013, 12th April: Boston Herald // Interview with Mick Fleetwood [PDF]
    2013, 16th May: Vancouver Sun // Picture with blurb re. EP and tour [PDF]
    2013, 21st May: Vancouver Sun // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    2013, 23rd May: Rolling Stone // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    2013, June: Uncut // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    2013, July: Classic Rock Magazine // Interview with Mick Fleetwood [PDF]
    2013, 24th September: i // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    2013, 27th September: The Daily Mail // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    2013, October: Q Magazine // Profile with archive interviews [PDF]
    2013, October: Uncut // Interview with Mick Fleetwood [PDF]
    2013, October: GQ // 'Fleeting Inspiration' [PDF]
    2013, October: Classic Rock Magazine // Interview with Lindsey & Mick [PDF]
    2013, December: Q Magazine // Review of FM gig, with quotes from Mick [PDF]
    2013, 29th December: Mail on Sunday // Interview with FM [PDF]

    On With The Show: Tour Programme [PDF]

    2014, 3rd January: Daily Express // 'Mac to go own way after tour' [PDF]
    2014, 20th January: The Irish Mail // Interview FM (re-print of Daily Mail) [PDF]
    2014, 11th February: The Times // Picture and quote about 'Sara' [PDF]
    2014, March: Rolling Stone // Interview with Christine McVie [PDF]
    2014, 28th March: USA Today // Interview with Mick & Christine [PDF]
    2014, 6th April: Sunday Express // Picture and blurb about Chris's return [PDF]
    2014, 9th August: New Musical Express // Influence of Fleetwood Mac [PDF]
    2014, 24th September: Rolling Stone // Picture & quotes from Lindsey & Chris [PDF]
    2014, 26th September: USA Weekend // Interview with Fleetwood Mac [PDF]
    2014, 3rd November: TIME Magazine // Interview with Mick Fleetwood [PDF]
    2014, 16th November: Sunday Express // Interview with Mick Fleetwood [PDF]
    2014, 29th November: SA Weekend // Interview with Mick Fleetwood [PDF]
    2015, 16th January: Daily Express // 'Stevie: Arguments with ex Don't Stop' [PDF]
    2015, 27th May: Evening Standard // Blurb about Isle of Wight Festival [PDF]
    2015, 28th May: Evening Standard // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    2015, July: Q Magazine // Review of FM gig [PDF]
    2015, September: Uncut Magazine // The Ultimate Guide To... [PDF]
    2016, January: MOJO Magazine // Interviews with Mick & Stevie [PDF]
    2016, January: British GQ // Feature article on 'Tusk' [PDF]


Lindsey Buckingham

  • 1980s

    1977, January: Guitar Player // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]

    1981: Los Angeles Times // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    1981, 30th January: BAM // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    1981, October: Elektra Asylum PR // LB Discography [PDF]
    1981, October: Elektra Asylum PR // Lindsey interviewed for 'Law & Order' [PDF]
    1981, 30th January: BAM // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    1981, June: Musician Player & Listener // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    1984: The Ann Arbor News // Review of 'Go Insane' [PDF]
    1984: AP Newsfeatures // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    1984, June: Elektra PR // Biography of Lindsey [PDF]
    1984, July: Elektra PR // Lindsey interviewed for 'Go Insane' [PDF]
    1984, 13th July: W3 Public Relations // 'First Single from LB's New LP Released' [PDF]
    1984, 24th August: Bremerton Wash. The Sun // Review of 'Go Insane' [PDF]
    1984, 28th August: Los Angeles Times // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    1984, 30th August: Scene // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    1984, 4th October: USA Today // Interview with Lindsey [PDF
    1984, 16th October: Boston Phoenix // Review of 'Go Insane' [PDF]
    1984, 18th October: Kerrang Magazine // Full page photo with quote [PDF] [Actual interview]
    1984, 25th October: Rolling Stone // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    1985, May: Song Hits // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    1985, 31st May: W3 Public Relations // 'LB Contributes Tune to Soundtrack LP' [PDF]
    1985, 1st August: Rolling Stone // Pictures with quote [PDF]

  • 1990s

    1992: Unknown // 'Out of the Cradle' advertisement [PDF]
    1992, 29th May: BAM // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    1992, September: Guitarist Magazine // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    1992, September: Q Magazine // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    1992, October: Guitar Player // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    1993, February: Chicago Tribune // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    1993, 25th July: Jet Magazine // Picture with caption re. Grammy nominations [PDF]
    1997, September: Guitar World II Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    1997, December: Guitar World Acoustic // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]

  • 2000s

    2003, April: Guitar Player // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    2003, 15th May: Rolling Stone // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    2004, June: Town & Country // Interview with Kristen & Lindsey [PDF]
    2006, November: MOJO Magazine // Advert for 'Under the Skin' [PDF]
    2007, March: Classic Rock Magazine // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    2008: Daily Express // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    2008, October: MOJO Magazine // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    2008, December: Performing Songwriter // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    2009, March: Elle Decor // Interview with Kristen Buckingham & pictures [PDF]
    2009, April: EQ Magazine // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    2009, 29th September: Entertainment Weekly // Review of 'Under the Skin' [PDF]

  • 2010s

    2011, January: Guitar Techniques // Analysis of GYOW & full page pic of LB [PDF]
    2011, September: Uncut Magazine // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    2011, 3rd September: Billboard // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    2011, 15th September: Rolling Stone // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    2011, 17th September: Chicago Sun Times // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    2011, October: Sound & Vision Magazine // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    2011, 2nd October: Parade Magazine // Short Q&A with Lindsey [PDF]
    2011, November: Classic Rock // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]
    2015, June: American Way // Interview with Lindsey [PDF]


Stevie Nicks

  • 1970s

    Unknown: Unknown // Picture with caption of Stevie live with FM [PDF]
    Unknown: Unknown // Picture with quotes from Stevie [PDF]

    1975: Creem // 'The Creem Dreem' pin-up of Stevie [PDF]
    1976, April: Creem // 'The Creem Dreem' pin-up of Stevie [PDF]
    1977, 27th February: Circus Weekly // 'Stevie's Solo Flight' [PDF]
    1978: Unknown // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    1978, 23rd March: Rolling Stone // Picture and caption of Stevie [PDF]
    1978, August: The New Music // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    1978, November: Circus Weekly // Interview with Stevie after Loggins show [PDF]
    1979: Unknown // Picture and caption of Stevie [PDF]

  • 1980s

    1980: Unknown // Picture of Stevie, and blurb about ladies in rock [PDF]
    1981: Creem // 'The Creem Dream' pin-up of Stevie [PDF]
    1981, July: Unknown // Picture and blurb about Stevie [PDF]
    1981, 8th August: Billboard // Picture with caption re. Bella Donna release party [PDF]
    1981, 5th September: Billboard // Picture with caption re. radio appearance [PDF]
    1981, 19th September: Billboard // Picture with caption re. radio appearance [PDF]
    1983: Unknown // Full-page advert for 'The Wild Heart' and tour [PDF]
    1983: Unknown (Dutch) // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    1983, 29th June: Aquarian Weekly // Review of SN gig [PDF]
    1983, 7th July: Rolling Stone // Review of 'Wild Heart' [PDF]
    1986, 30th January: Rolling Stone // Review of 'Rock A Little' [PDF]
    1987, 1st November: Unknown // Report on Stevie meeting a young fan [PDF]
    1988: Unknown // 'Stevie's comeback from the booze' [PDF]
    1989: Unknown // Stevie talks about Camelback Mountain [PDF]
    1989: Unknown // Stevie talks about 'Other Side of the Mirror' [PDF]
    1989: Unknown // Advert for 'Other Side of the Mirror' [PDF]
    1989, 25th June: You Magazine // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    1989, 5th August: Sounds // Full-page advert for 'Long Way To Go' single [PDF]

  • 1990s

    Unknown: Unknown // Stevie's porcelain doll up for auction [PDF]

    1990: Unknown // Article about Timespace liner-notes [PDF]
    1990, 9th July: US Magazine // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    1990, 13th August: People Magazine // Quote from Stevie [PDF]
    1991, October: Q Magazine // Full-page advert for 'Timespace' [PDF]
    1992, February: VOX Magazine // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    1994: Unknown // Interview; 'Stevie would rather nix the video' [PDF] [scanned by Alicia Bailey]
    1996: Unknown tabloid // Report on Stevie and Tom Petty [PDF]
    1996: Unknown // Sightings incl. Stevie at Mix Fest in Boston [PDF] [scanned by Alicia Bailey]
    1997, 12th May: People Magazine // '50 Most Beautiful People in the World' [PDF]
    1997, 22nd August: BAM Magazine // Interview with Stevie [PDF
    1997, October: Spin Magazine // Interview with Stevie & Courtney Love [PDF]
    1997, November: Harper's Bazaar // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    1998: In Style // Overview of Stevie's fashion over the years [PDF]
    1998, 19th January: People Magazine // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    1998, 1st May: Entertainment Weekly // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    1998, 14th May: Rolling Stone // Interview with Stevie [PDF]

  • 2000s

    2000: Unknown tabloid // Report on Stevie and Don Henley [PDF]
    2000, 31st July: People Magazine // Quote from Stevie [PDF]
    2001: TV Week // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    2001, May: Q Magazine // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    2001, May: Classic Rock // Review of 'Trouble in Shangri-La' [PDF] 
    2001, 1st May: USA Today // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    2001, June: Vanity Fair // Proust Questionnaire with Stevie [PDF]
    2001, 24th July: Newsday // Review of SN gig [PDF] [scanned by Alicia Bailey]
    2001, 25th November: AZ Republic // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    2002, August: In Style // Short article about Stevie as fashion inspiration [PDF]
    2003, July: In Style // Interview with Stevie & Michelle Branch [PDF]
    2003: August: ELLE Magazine // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    2004, March: Australian Women's Weekly // Interview with Stevie [PDF]

    2005: Unknown // Obituary for Jess Nicks [PDF]
    2005: Unknown // Obituary for Jess Nicks [PDF]
    2005, 6th June: Hollywood Reporter // Review of Stevie & Don gig [PDF] [Reuters] [transcript]
    2005, December: Australian Women's Weekly // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    2007, June: Performing Songwriter // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    2007, September: MOJO Magazine // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    2007, 24th September: Billboard // Tribute to Ahmet Ertegun [PDF]
    2007, Fall/Winter: In Style // 'What I Collect' with Stevie [PDF]
    2009: Hello! Canada // Review of 'Live in Chicago/Soundstage Sessions' [PDF]
    2009, 4th May: People Magazine // 'My Life In Pictures' [PDF]
    2009, 5th March: Rolling Stone // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    2009, April: HX Magazine // Interview with Stevie re. NOTS [PDF]
    2009, July: Elle Magazine // Stevie talks 'Court and Spark' [PDF]
    2009: Sunday Magazine // Interview with Stevie [PDF]

  • 2010s

    2010, Summer: HRH Magazine // Quote from Neal Preston on a 1982 image [PDF]
    2010, 30th June: Santa Barbara News-Press // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    2010, 16th September: Rolling Stone // Quotes from Stevie about IYD [PDF]
    2011, 9th February: New Musical Express // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    2011, 17th February: Rolling Stone // Interview with Stevie & Rod Stewart [PDF]
    2011, 17th February: Rolling Stone // Review of 'Secret Love' [PDF]
    2011, 26th March: The Guardian // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    2011, 28th April: Rolling Stone // Florence Welch talks Stevie [PDF]
    2011, May: O Magazine // Quote from Stevie [PDF]
    2011, May: Redbook // Mention of 'In Your Dreams' [PDF]
    2011, May: Zoomer Magazine // Mention in 'Music Notes' section [PDF]
    2011, 1st May: New York Post // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    2011, 8th May: Las Vegas Magazine // Two-page advertisement and blurb [PDF]
    2011, 9th May: Newsweek // 'Stevie Nicks on the shrink who almost ruined her life' [PDF]
    2011, May: M Magazine // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    2011, 11th May: Delta Sky Magazine // 'What's In My Bag' with Stevie [PDF]
    2011, 12th May: Rolling Stone // Review of 'In Your Dreams' [PDF]
    2011, 14th May: Billboard // Review of 'In Your Dreams' [PDF]
    2011, 26th May: Rolling Stone // 'In Your Dreams' on the Hot List [PDF]
    2011, June/July: Nylon Magazine // Interview with Stevie [PDF]
    2011, 17th June: The Sun / Interview with Stevie [PDF
    2011, 25th June: Daily Express Weekend // Pic and comment from Stevie [PDF]
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