S: ...we were opening for all these great bands. And we were [???] the life [???] struggling musicians. And all money from my parents had been withdrawn when I stopped going to college so we were starting to be poor. But I wrote this poem and it was about Lindsey and I. It was probably the nicest, most beautiful thing I ever wrote about the two of us and he almost gets a little angry with me, I think, when he says ‘Well, it was just because it was the very beginning’ and that’s not true. It was because it was this beautiful romantic time and you can’t get around the fact that the world was romantic that we lived in; it was a beautiful , musical, romantic world. And we were part of it.


S: So we lived in a house full of cassettes. The house of cassettes. Everything we did was put on cassette. The cassette of the song was thrown somewhere and got lost.


S: 2010. Some of my friends are on my least favourite thing in the world – YouTube – and they find my song, Lindsey’s and my song, floating around and they bring it in and go ‘look, there’s this great song’ and I’m like *hands on hips* ‘Hmm. That’s the song that we, three times it’s been lost.’ And now it’s found. Who took it? We’ll never know. But I took it to Lindsey and said ‘So, what do you think?’ and he goes ‘well, I remember this song and I’m playing on it and it’s a well done, beautifully made demo if I do say so myself’ and, um, I said ‘well, I think we should record it’ and he said ‘Okay’. So we were getting ready to do some recording anyway so we went to his house, this is at the end of last year, and we recorded the song.


S: So, I’m going to let Lindsey, who is starting to look really bored over there, take the story from there. Take it, Lindsey!

L: Who, me? Um, let’s see.

S: Attracted to...

L: Attracted to...

S: The lead guitarist...

L: The lead guitarist. Hmm. Oh! Okay. Um, yes.

S: *away from mic, watching, a hand on hip and tapping fingers on stomach waiting*

L: Mick *Stevie points to Mick* in fact, who I’d only met once *Stevie shrugs*, did call me and he said ‘Ah, Lindsey?’ I said ‘Yes, Mick’ *Stevie mimes talking on telephone* He said ‘Would you like to join *Stevie mimes playing guitar* Fleetwood Mac?’ And of course, being the extremely *Stevie shakes head mock wearily at audience* loyal person that I am *Stevie holds hands up, rolls eyes and buries lowered head in hands* I said, ‘Well, Mick, yes but you’re going to have to take my girlfriend too!’ *Stevie bows* Is that what I was supposed to say?

S: It’s all good. The story goes back to me. So... This is why you don’t really want to know me. So. Uh uh. Okay. I’m having a senior moment. Okay. Alright. So I want to thank all the three men up here [???] for changing my life. In so many, many ways. First of all I would like to thank Lindsey Buckingham for taking me with him into Fleetwood Mac. Thank you [???]. Second of all, I would like to thank Mr Mick Fleetwood for taking both of us on his magical Alice in Wonderland trip through Never Never Land. And letting me give notice at my waitress job. Thank you, Mick. I will never, ever forget [???]. Third of all, thirdly, I would like to thank Mr John McVie, the most handsomest bass player ever. Because I think he was probably standing in the background somewhere and he just said to Mick ‘Just take the girl!’ I know he said. You did say that, didn’t you? *John shakes his head* You didn’t say that? *tries to mimic John* ‘Yes, of course I did!’ So, anyway – you know what, these people are not [???] – so the end of the story is we’re going to play the song for you.