Stevie: ...drag it out later. So I put this poem away. This was probably the nicest poem that I ever wrote about Lindsey and I. Um, it was in 1970 in San Francisco, which was the biggest and the most amazing musical time, in our opinion, I think, ever, um, and we were right in the middle of it. We were like struggling artists, you know, and it was like fantastic, so that's all in this little poem. So anyway, we moved to Los Angeles (?) to get a record deal, and we got a record deal and we made the 'Buckingham Nicks' record. And then the 'Buckingham Nicks' record came out to great critical acclaim and then three months later it got dropped, much to Lindsey and I's complete horror. So we were devastated and we didn't have any idea what to even do; we were speechless. So what we did was all struggling musicians do is we just started another record. We talked a great old studio in Los Angeles called Sound City into giving us some free time, which they did, and we started making another record. Uh, we think that that's when we put that poem to music, probably the beginning of 1974. It was probably one of our first three demos that we made when we decided to make that record.

And so anyway, we made a great demo of it. Well, we lost the demo because it was on cassette and we lived in a house full of cassettes. So the cassette got lost. Or something. Then we decided that it got stolen, because it was, um, it really was lost, and we think whoever stole it just stole it, copied it and brought it back and put it back like on the couch where it was. And we never even knew it was stolen and copied. So then Lindsey and I lost it, so it was lost twice. Then we never heard anything from this song again until 2010. Some friends of mine were on, oh yes, YouTube, and they found the song floating around on YouTube. So I'm really giving YouTube one thumbs up on that. There's the song. I show it to Lindsey and I go, "Can you believe we never showed it to Fleetwood Mac? Or recorded it? Anything, nothing?" And he said, "Well, I had forgotten the song ever existed also." And I said, "Well, do you remember it now?" And he says, "Well, yeah, I'm playing on it so I guess that must be me." So we decided to record it. And we did. We went to Lindsey's house at the end of last year and we recorded it almost exactly the way that we had recorded it in 1974. And, um, so the end of this whole story is - and any time you wanna jump in, Lindsey, just jump in -

Lindsey: *gestures*

Stevie: I know. I lose like my whole train of thought. So anyway, Mick Fleetwood, when HE heard the song, said, "Now don't forget to remind the audience - when we go out on tour - that one of the things that really attracted me to you guys was the way that you sing to the way that Lindsey plays." Lindsey plays very much in counterpoint to the way that he and I sing, which is very unique and I think it's probably the special thing that made us kind of break through. It's like a pyramid, a triangle. So for the first three weeks of the tour that was my story was that that was what Mick was attracted to. And then one night onstage in front of like 15, 16,000 people, Lindsey goes, "But no! That is not what Mick Fleetwood was attracted to. What he was attracted to was basically me." Him. Because they needed a lead guitarist. And nowhere in the words 'lead guitarist' does it say 'lead guitarist and hippie girlfriend'. So. Okay, now, you can take it from here.

Lindsey: Who, me?

Stevie: Yeah, you.

Lindsey: Oh. Well, let's see. Oh, Mick actually, he did call me and he said, "Lindsey?" And I said, "Yes, Mick?" Really, I didn't. I'd only met this guy once so... He said, "Would you like to join Fleetwood Mac?" And I said, "Well, Mick, if you take me, you're going to have to take my girlfriend too! *Lindsey walks over to Stevie at her mic and they lean in close for a brief embrace/conversation* *Lindsey walks back to his mic*

Stevie: Fact checking.

Lindsey: What checking?

Stevie: Fact.

Lindsey: Fact?

Stevie: Fact.

Lindsey: *mock incredulously* As if there was ever any doubt?

Stevie: (???) *laughs*

Lindsey: Sheesh. No. I said that because I loved you so much. And, um, and I think it worked out okay!

Stevie: So the end of the story is that I would like to thank my boys up here for different, for things. I'd like to thank Lindsey for taking me with him into Fleetwood Mac. Thank you. *Stevie bows to him* I'm forever grateful. Being a waitress was getting old, old, old. I'd like to thank Mr Mick Fleetwood for taking both Lindsey and I on his Alice in Wonderland wild ride through the centuries. And I'd also like to thank Mr John McVie because I know that even though he doesn't say much, back there in the distance John probably said to Mick, "Just take the girl!" Thank you, John. So we're going to do this song for you now. It is, uh, exactly the same as it was, and we hope that you like it and, uh, we hope that it means something to you. 'Without You'.